Using Modules

Using Module with crackmapexec

Using Modules

Viewing available modules for a Protocol

Run cme <protocol> -L to view available modules for the specified protocol.
For example to view all modules for the SMB protocol:
#~ cme smb -L

Using a module

Run cme <protocol> <target(s)> -M <module name>.
For example to run the SMB Mimikatz module:
#~ crackmapexec smb <target(s)> -u Administrator -p 'October2022' -M lsassy

Viewing module options

Run cme <protocol> -M <module name> --options to view a modules supported options, e.g:
#~ cme smb -M lsassy --options

Using module options

Module options are specified with the -o flag. All options are specified in the form of KEY=value (msfvenom style)
#~ cme <protocol> <target(s)> -u Administrator -p 'P@ssw0rd' -M lsassy -o COMMAND=xxxxxxxxug'

Chaining multiple modules