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CrackMapExec v6.0.0 is now available to everyone !
Hello everyone, today I'm releasing a new version of CrackMapExec, v6.0.0 into a public repository of CrackMapExec While the sponsor version did receive a lot of updates, which I will describe in this post, the public version has not been updated after nearly one year.
This new version is called Bane, all the features of the sponsors version are now accessible to everyone
But first and foremost, I would like to thank people that have helped me during this year with the development of CrackMapExec, their inputs, pull requests and ideas have been greatly appreciated: @zblurx, @MJHallenbeck and @al3x_n3ff
Also a big thanks to @skelsec and the impacket team
In this new version, lot of new features have been added

New core features:

New modules: