Spidering Shares

Spidering shares with CrackMapExec

Using default option --spider

Options for spidering shares of remote systems. Example, Spider the C drive for files with txt in the name (finds both sometxtfile.html and somefile.txt)
Notice the '$' character has to be escaped. (example shown can be used as-is in a kali linux terminal)
#~ cme SMB <IP> -u USER -p PASSWORD --spider C\$ --pattern txt

Using module Spider_plus

The module spider_plus allows you to list and dump all files from all readable shares thanks to @vincd

List all readable files

crackmapexec smb -u 'user' -p 'pass' -M spider_plus

Dump all files

Using the option -o READ_ONLY=false all files will be copied on the host
crackmapexec smb -u 'user' -p 'pass' -M spider_plus -o READ_ONLY=false